Doctor Sleep 2019 – No Spoiler

A sequel to The Shining 1980, it was an amazing combination of thriller and of course horror. I hate it when horror movies are a constant sequence of meaningless jumpy scenes and specially contain an unreasonable amount of disgusting/creepy scenes. However, Doctor Sleep had a good and sufficient proportion of everything at one place. The scenes were amazingly framed and the actors/actresses were quite professional as one would expect from such a movie.

I do not know were the manuscript was coming from, have not been into that details ever; nevertheless, I enjoyed that the manuscript depicted good and evil, right or wrong, etc. in a good light just as a poem does.

Finally, if you are really into horror movies, this might not be a good movie for you. For it is a masterpiece that builds the atmosphere professionally and every piece of its puzzle falls right where it should without grossly exaggerating every scary incident.

Overall, a big thumbs up!!


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