FIT Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster

I came by this article in “Curiosity” website. It is really interesting and simply states that with FIT (Functional Imagery Training) you can build up your motivation to follow a goal better and more productively.

It counts as a step up from MI (Motivational Interview) as it works with all of the senses. For instance, if you want to win a Nobel prize, you have to motivate yourself by putting yourself in the position of a winner. Imagine yourself being on the stage, thanking all the people who helped you climb the latter to that moment. This is what a motivational speech is about. Imagine the benefits, put yourself there, etc. Adding to it, FIT says that you should not stop there. The therapist would help you use all your senses to delve deeper into the joy of that moment. You will tell them about the cologne you would wear, your clothes, your feelings inside, the sense of the golden Nobel medal beneath your light touch.

You give your brain a taste of victory. It will reciprocate it with a stronger sense of motivation. Furthermore, for a better experience, therapists tend to work with a simpler scenario about something else and then help you build up your own with sharpened senses. This method was actually experimentally tested and the results were unambiguous. In addition, this method can be done by yourself and about every goal you might have. Hence, there will be no need to include a therapist and you can easily go on and use your own strong imagination to boost your motivations.



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