A Simple Introduction to Spintronics

With the rapid advancements in science, there are a lot of problems faced in the field of electronics. The dissipation of kinetic energy of electrons in the form of heat energy, getting closer and closer to the limits of calculation power set by uncertainty, and many other problems of this sort. One of the ways one can tackle this issue is by use of the field of Spintronics. It is a revolution in the field of electronics, changing and enhancing a great deal of characteristics such as speed, size, efficiency, usage of energy, etc.


Where do you think is the name coming from? Spin (the vector of the rotation of electron around itself) + Electronics gives Spintronics . . It works with the spin of the electrons as you’d guessed. anyways, why is it a revolution in Electronics? It is because of several reasons; It can convey information in the form of direction and magnitude of spin vector of electrons and hence more information in a shorter period of time. Because of the fact that spin correlations can be present even in the nano-meter dimensions, the Spintronics devices can be made in those dimensions (like in MRAM which is a Spintronics based device and the layers of this storage device are of nano-meter width). Do not forget that changing the spin of electrons requires much less energy than making a current. So working with spins can reduce the energy usage and increase the efficiency (the dissipation with respect the work done is much more than making a current like in conventional electronics).


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