Great Britain’s Great wall

In old days, the royal families kept their blood pure by marrying their own siblings and kin. Something of this sort has started in Britain since a couple of years ago but in a national (and in my opinion somehow racist) way.


The shocking news is the new action they’ve taken on this trend, vans parading round London for a month with the banner that read : “In the U.K. illegally? Go home or face arrest.”
Taken this step, authorities have taken the frontier of the country to the streets. The one behind these ideas and vindictive dues is the nowadays prime minister May.  She has started this trend with the intention to make Britain a “hostile environment,” when she had border enforcement position in the cabinet. Be sure that this is not the end of what she’s going to do about immigrants as she’s leading the Conservative party, on the anti-immigrant platform, into a general election in a short time from now.

When I say the frontiers are taken into the streets, it may sound like an exaggeration, but imagine you have to pay hefty hospital bills if you get sick and are in need of a visit to the doctors (even in most vulnerable situations), and this is something that was free a couple of years ago, house owner are discriminating who to rent their houses tinged with anti-immigrant ideas and a lot of things of this sort.
There’s even a law enacted in the last November to check patients passport before offering medical treatment. Another policy which faced a storm of criticism and was watered down by the officials was that schools had to check immigrant status of the pupils and share it with the immigration enforcement department. Hell, even charities gave information  about the people they were helping to the government.  Visa fees are hefty for outsiders too. If you are a citizen of the UK and you wanna marry a non-European union citizen you must have a high minimum income. Many other things among these are happening in the great great Britain.

I think now you can clearly see why I said they’re acting like ancient royal families. It’s great to care for you own people, it’s ok to facilitate for them, but it’s not okay to make crackdowns on foreigners so no immigrants would come to our countries. The amazing thing is that majority of the people of the UK are just ok with that and are letting these happen.

I don’t know exactly what the politicians of the UK have in mind, but I know this thing for sure that the walls around the UK are getting taller and taller day by day.


Source : britain-immigration-theresa-may


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