Master Ke Jie vs. Google’s AlphaGo

I think you’ve all heard about the new program that is written by Google whose name is AlphaGo. It is a program using artificial intelligence to play the game Go. Go is a strategic board game, actually the oldest one, aging around 2500 years. After every move there’s a huge variety of possibilities for the game to go on.


AI news has always amazed me and is striking when I try to find sth to read in newspapers. If you don’t know what it exactly do, the most intriguing feature of it is that it learns. Give it a bunch of stuff to learn from, then it can perform the task on new stuff it encounters.

In the game, Go, there’s an indisputable master from china (the birthplace of the game), Ke Jie, who was pit against AlphaGo. In the first hundred moves, as experts of AlphaGo said, he could keep up with the machine and play a perfect game of Go. At the end of the game he actually was eating AlphaGo’s dust!
what do you think happened all of a sudden? The most noticeable difference between human intelligence and artificial one is that emotions accompany the former one. When they asked Ke what happened, he replied : “I was very excited. I could feel my heart bumping,” as he thought he has the lead and is winning. “Maybe because I was too excited I made some stupid moves.”
It was the second time he played against this machine.

The scientist believe that this heartless cold intelligence may someday take over the white-collar jobs (office jobs) but not the jobs which are in great needs of judgement and emotions like management.

At last there’s another competition set up for two of the greatest masters of Go to play against each other, each partnering a Alphago program.

What do you think about artificial intelligence and the things it can do? What is your opinion about this news?



source : google-alphago-defeats-go-ke-jie-again


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