Fear Industry


We, the people of the earth, are paying a gigantic huge amount of money for being scared. The number of horror movies are uncountable. Think about the money they’ve spent to make a movie which creeps the hell out of us sometimes. How about the money Americans spend on Halloween every year? They throw big parties and buy or make scary costumes.

How many different kind of clips have you seen that in them people try to pull a prank on other people to scare them and have fun? I’ve seen a lot! There are a lot of commercial products aiming this feeling. Why would people do this? What is wrong with us? Being scared is a way of protecting ourselves from danger, that’s exactly how animals in nature survive!

Well, people get pumped with adrenaline and they like it so much, that’s why you pay a nontrivial amount of money just to go for a bungee jump. When people got far from nature and it’s different kinds of horrors and risks, plus being so busy that they can’t (or just don’t feel like it) to spare some time to go back to nature, they started to find new ways of feeling thrilled and alive by making an industry around this feeling, and as a matter of fact, they were really smart to do so.

It’s a fact, people are after the things they can’t have, doesn’t matter what it is, you can’t have it, you want it more, right? Hence the best thing you can do if you want to start an industry is looking for what feeling people used to have and now lack it, if you find it, based on experience you’re going to be damn rich!


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