Iran Annual Physics Conference – Shiraz 2016

We hosted one of the biggest physics conferences of Iran the past week. I myself couldn’t use much for I was leading my team of cameramen and was the designer and even if I wasn’t busy the talks were so general in a high level I wouldn’t understand. So it’s not about the talks but the experience.

My Team

Anyways it was a great opportunity to learn to work in harmony with a big group so we could make this conference happen. The biggest achievement for me during it was getting close with my professors and great students who were around me but I came short to understand how great and helpful they are. Now I know more people and my professors count on me and they all know what I am capable of and understand the depth of my endeavor.

My team was somehow the communication between people and the conference as we controlled the channel and took photos and videos and tried to cover every aspect of the conference and document them and share the experience with all the people attending. The design of banners, billboards, posters, greetings, the cover of the time table and guiding signs was on us, we even followed the printing processes ourselves and we even installed most of them single-handedly as we cared for our department and wanted to help our department attain its honor nationally and surely be relieved of the great pressure every host experiences.

We all made it happen by each other’s side and with the help of one another and this communication and cooperation is what our department really needed and I hope this would stay between us all.


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