Your Inner Fish 2 : embryos

In this book there are many approaches to prove the evolution. Neil Shubin’s way of writing is really sweet and makes you voracious for reading more of it.
anyways, after saying a little bit about one of the methods for finding out about our not Adam ancestor I’m gonna ask “what’s up religious people? feeling well?”


^Geological Time Spiral^

one of the most beautiful things that we share with other animals is this: in that stage of growing of embryos that inside and outside of it is specified, there are four arches on the embryo each containing cells with a specific responsibility. For example first arch is responsible for making the inner ear bone and so on. So all body parts of an animal are formed through these arches. The map of how they should be made is inside each cell or more precisely in their DNA.
The interesting thing here is that we share this with other animals and they have these arches too. This says that we come from a single ancestor that as planetologists are showing us constantly over years is fish.

There are many other approaches in this book like this (and like the one I wrote about in the first “Your Inner Fish” article) that are described more than the simple article I’m writing here.

Every God-Centered religion’s belief is that the beginning of human beings is the descending of Adam and Eve from heaven, but with this in mind that Evolution is a somehow proved theory, what is this saying about these religions? Even if the answer is that these are metaphorical, what about many other stuff like this in these religions’ holy books? for instance, is heaven and hell metaphorical too? Are we not gonna be hanged by our balls in the eye of a volcano for not praying enough?




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