Be the Best Leader

I was watching the series “Better Call Saul” the other night and something in it made me think for a while. There’s a Howard (played by Patrick Fabian) there who owns a law firm called H&M. One of his employees makes a mild mistake and he punished her harshly by demoting her. And she tried really hard to earn their trust and support back and at last she did. The amazing thing here is that Howard could be kinder and let this slide but he didn’t and demoted her and she worked harder and did a great job in finding a huge case bringing the firm a great deal of money. I think it was leadership there that caused him to force her to be better. What if he didn’t do so? She wouldn’t try harder for sure, and she wouldn’t make a big breakthrough and maybe she would even be sloppier and did make an other mistake!


Well, this can be expanded to many other situations. Maybe it’s a little bit offensive but I like to expand it to relationships. I think people in relationships must act like Howard. There shouldn’t always be kindness and forgiveness, there should be leadership. We should act like leaders in relationships, and must be willing to sacrifice, forgive and be responsible but also do harsh things like punish him/her for him/her mistakes so he/she knows he/she should try harder if he/she really wants to be in this relationship, push him/her to be a better in the relationship, and even fire him/her if he/she actually doesn’t care enough for the relationship to work harder or be better in.

This is not the only case, I think this applies to many other cases as well and we should be leaders in our everything, e.g. our daily and future concerns, we should act like a leader and plan for them and by leading the situation we can be less worried and have little bit more peace of mind. If we lose we should act like a leader and own our mistakes and accept it as a lesson to be learned and actually try to make up for it.

I think you get where I’m heading with this.

So, “be worthy” and be the best leader you can.


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