Love Is Wilderness

There are many things in our lives we want so much, we want deeply, and we just can’t get. There are things so wild they can’t be tamed. I’m sure it has happened to all of us, we fight, we do everything possible, but that thing is not going to be under your control. And there exist things if you think they’re tamed and under your control you’re being an enormously gigantic fool. There are things in our lives that can’t be tamed, maybe a lot of them could be tamed but at what expense. Well, a lot of them depend on us whether we are willing to pay that price to tame them or not!


Love is the most wild thing in the history of humans. Wilder than a beast, ripping hearts of chests and feeding on lovers blood. Harder to find than a camouflaged animal, making your head shake in an avalanche of mixed up thoughts. You will probably have a harder job to control it than a rider on a horse in a rodio.

We search everywhere for love, but most of us find only intimacy and a close relationship. There comes the question, what is this “love”? Isn’t it what we have already? Love’s the purest feeling you have, coming from the deepest parts of you heart, the reason of sanity, what every and each one of have more or less, the essence of humanity. You first have to find love inside yourself. Understand the true meaning of it through yourself and then search for other people who enhance these pure, life-giving senses and essences, and blow them up like the biggest erupted volcano you know.

After finding this camouflaged creature is where the real problem rise. Containing and controlling it. There’s a big dilemma here. You shouldn’t tame it if you really love it, but you have this itching heart, this eruption in your heart which is taking every shred of your broken sense away. You just need to do it. You’re obsessed. And being the real love found through yourself you do everything you can to make it worth being tamed. The real problem is that some beasts can’t be tamed and don’t want to tame for the feeling you had is not mutual. And the only way you have without being selfish to your bones and taming a creature who doesn’t want to be tamed, is that the creature wants to be tamed and wants to tame you too. Then is when you can control what made your heart squeezed and that’s when this love can flourish you and make you bloom.
but this that I said being one of the rarest phenomena in the history of humans is a huge problem for us. Most of the time it does not happen the way it should and at last, you’re left with pieces of your broken heart in a bloody situation. Or even worse you end up rinsed of any sign of the essence I told you and all of a sudden you feel insane.

It’s sad, but it’s true. Many of us are just being with our close friends (or worse being in a plane relation) running away from all the pain and frustration and not with the real loves of our lives.

The only thing I can say about this awesome creature is :

Love is a wilderness.


If you had any comment on my article I’d be most happy to hear from you guys.


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