Your inner fish by Neil Shubin

I have started reading the book “Your Inner Fish” a while ago. Its a really amazing book, written by famous paleontologist Neil Shubin, and it actually helps you find your inner fish. His way of writing is so clear and easy to understand even for a beginner like me that I understand most of what he wrote and too can really enjoy it and be amazed and fascinated.


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The Bell’s spaceships paradox

I wrote this article a couple of months ago, read and wrote everything I understood about this paradox.

This presentation is driven from Jerrold Franklin of Temple university of Philadelphia’s paper “Lorentz contraction,Bell’s spaceships and rigid body motion in special relativity” and Dean and Bern’s paper: “Note on stress effects due to relativistic contraction”.

Bell’s spaceship paradox was formerly designed by Dewan and Beran and became widely known when Bell added a modified version…

This thought experiment was a demonstration of “relativistic contraction can introduce stress effects in a moving body”.


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