Doctor Sleep 2019 – No Spoiler

A sequel to The Shining 1980, it was an amazing combination of thriller and of course horror. I hate it when horror movies are a constant sequence of meaningless jumpy scenes and specially contain an unreasonable amount of disgusting/creepy scenes. However, Doctor Sleep had a good and sufficient proportion of everything at one place. The scenes were amazingly framed and the actors/actresses were quite professional as one would expect from such a movie.

I do not know were the manuscript was coming from, have not been into that details ever; nevertheless, I enjoyed that the manuscript depicted good and evil, right or wrong, etc. in a good light just as a poem does.

Finally, if you are really into horror movies, this might not be a good movie for you. For it is a masterpiece that builds the atmosphere professionally and every piece of its puzzle falls right where it should without grossly exaggerating every scary incident.

Overall, a big thumbs up!!


European Master of Science in Photonics, Brussels

EMSP Entry 2018-2020 – From left to right: Omar Moussa, Mahmoud Khedr, Majorie Jammaers, Indy Magnus, Ayman Samy Morsy, Diego Alonso, Aishwarya Shenai, Kseniya Zavatskaya, Dmitrii Stefanidi, Narek Karapetyan, Pooria Iranian, Arash Feizpour

I will never forget the day that I was accepted in the European Master of Science in Photonics (EMSP). Honestly, I did not have much information about Belgium and Brussels or did not have a contact in EMSP so that I could use the opinion of somebody with experience (all I went on was the information given in their website and reviews online which turned out to be completely true – no brag). It was a weird feeling; I did not know how everything will go, but I went with it as it was one of the most famous Photonics schools worldwide and I acquired a merit-based scholarship that covers my whole stay. Of course, the great professors there were really enticing to work with and  to learn from, too. Later on they turned out to be something more than experts in teaching although being renown for their research and their cooperation with biggest names in the industry.

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FIT Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster

I came by this article in “Curiosity” website. It is really interesting and simply states that with FIT (Functional Imagery Training) you can build up your motivation to follow a goal better and more productively.

It counts as a step up from MI (Motivational Interview) as it works with all of the senses. For instance, if you want to win a Nobel prize, you have to motivate yourself by putting yourself in the position of a winner. Imagine yourself being on the stage, thanking all the people who helped you climb the latter to that moment. This is what a motivational speech is about. Imagine the benefits, put yourself there, etc. Adding to it, FIT says that you should not stop there. The therapist would help you use all your senses to delve deeper into the joy of that moment. You will tell them about the cologne you would wear, your clothes, your feelings inside, the sense of the golden Nobel medal beneath your light touch.

You give your brain a taste of victory. It will reciprocate it with a stronger sense of motivation. Furthermore, for a better experience, therapists tend to work with a simpler scenario about something else and then help you build up your own with sharpened senses. This method was actually experimentally tested and the results were unambiguous. In addition, this method can be done by yourself and about every goal you might have. Hence, there will be no need to include a therapist and you can easily go on and use your own strong imagination to boost your motivations.


A Simple Introduction to Spintronics

With the rapid advancements in science, there are a lot of problems faced in the field of electronics. The dissipation of kinetic energy of electrons in the form of heat energy, getting closer and closer to the limits of calculation power set by uncertainty, and many other problems of this sort. One of the ways one can tackle this issue is by use of the field of Spintronics. It is a revolution in the field of electronics, changing and enhancing a great deal of characteristics such as speed, size, efficiency, usage of energy, etc.


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Master Ke Jie vs. Google’s AlphaGo

I think you’ve all heard about the new program that is written by Google whose name is AlphaGo. It is a program using artificial intelligence to play the game Go. Go is a strategic board game, actually the oldest one, aging around 2500 years. After every move there’s a huge variety of possibilities for the game to go on.


AI news has always amazed me and is striking when I try to find sth to read in newspapers. If you don’t know what it exactly do, the most intriguing feature of it is that it learns. Give it a bunch of stuff to learn from, then it can perform the task on new stuff it encounters.

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“Steal Like an Artist” book summary

We’ve read one of the best-sellers of 2012 for our last session of free discussion. It was “Steal Like an Artist” by Autsin Kleon. This book is an autobiography telling us about the conclusions about creative work the author has come to over the past ten years of his life. Although his main concentration was in drawing and writing what he has been enlightened of can be generalized to everything we do and we need creativity in.


Austin Kleon is a New York Times best-selling author having three best-sellers: “Steal Like an Artist”, “Newspaper Blackout” and “Show Your Work”. His top priority nowadays in his work is creativity in today’s world.

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Most Influential Happening in the Last Century of My Country


 ^Princess Fawzia, Reza Shah, Queen Nazli, Crown Prince Shahpur^

The topic of our last week’s gathering in Shiraz University was about what we think the most important discovery of our country is in the last century and this is what I think about it :

As we know in the ancient Iran there were an enormous number of scientists and hence a lot of big groundbreaking discoveries. But we are so far from that time and we somehow are far away from having those discoveries too. It is really shameful and sad that it is so, and the fact of what we were back in history makes it a lot worse. Today’s Iran is more of a consumer of new discoveries of the world rather than being a source to make them richer. I read some facts about Iran’s technology and science and we have a lot of university students and scientists and researcher maybe even proportionally more than other countries and despite of this fact we don’t make great discoveries. I’m an Iranian, so shame on me too.

So instead of writing about the most influential discovery of Iran over the last century I’m just going to write about the most influential milestone in the history that change everything for us and was like a big bang of universe for Iran in my opinion.

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Iran Annual Physics Conference – Shiraz 2016

We hosted one of the biggest physics conferences of Iran the past week. I myself couldn’t use much for I was leading my team of cameramen and was the designer and even if I wasn’t busy the talks were so general in a high level I wouldn’t understand. So it’s not about the talks but the experience.

My Team

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